Playsafer Turf 7.5'

Playsafer Turf 7.5' x 30'

  • Looks just like natural grass
  • Ultimate resilience and durability
  • Perfect for playgrounds and landscaping

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The best resilience and durability makes the playsafer turf your ultimate choice in high traffic areas. The advanced 4 tone yarn color looks perfectly like natural grass creating that perfectly manicured lawn without any effort.  

Good choice for playground and landscape use. It's perfect for durable, long-lasting application and can be used in a variety of settings from playgrounds to landscaping applications.

  • Pile height: 1.5"
  • Face weight: 66 oz.
  • Gauge: 3/8"
  • Blade: C
  • Yarn color: 4 tone
  • Thatch color: Green & yellow
  • Material: PE Mono & PE thatch
  • Primary backing: Double PP
  • Second backing: PU
  • Warranty: 8 years

What are the dimensions of the Playsafer Turf? 

The Playsafer Turf from Rubber Mulch measures 7.5 feet in width and 30 feet in length. It's a substantial size that can effectively cover a wide range of outdoor areas, from playgrounds to pet spaces, and even commercial properties.


Is the Playsafer Turf suitable for play areas?

Absolutely! Our Playsafer Turf is specifically designed with safety and durability in mind, making it an excellent choice for play areas. Its soft yet durable surface reduces the risk of injuries, providing a safe and comfortable environment for children to play in.


How does Playsafer Turf contribute to environmental conservation?

Playsafer Turf from Rubber Mulch is an eco-friendly landscaping option. It requires no watering or harmful pesticides, which significantly reduces water usage and prevents chemicals from entering local ecosystems. Choosing Playsafer Turf means contributing positively to environmental conservation efforts.


What maintenance does the Playsafer Turf require? 

Our Playsafer Turf is a low-maintenance solution for your outdoor spaces. Unlike natural grass, it doesn't require watering, mowing, or fertilizing. To keep it looking its best, all you need to do is occasionally clean it to remove debris.


Is the Playsafer Turf pet-friendly? 

Yes, it is. Our Playsafer Turf is made from non-toxic materials and provides a soft, comfortable surface for pets to play and rest on. Its easy-to-clean nature also ensures a hygienic environment for your furry friends.


Does the Playsafer Turf withstand various weather conditions?

Yes. Our Playsafer Turf is designed to resist a variety of weather conditions, from intense heat to heavy rainfall. It maintains its lush, green appearance year-round, ensuring your outdoor spaces always look attractive and inviting.


What is the lifespan of the Playsafer Turf? 

With proper care and minimal maintenance, our Playsafer Turf can last for 15-20 years. Its lifespan may vary depending on factors like foot traffic and weather conditions, but it's designed to be a long-lasting, cost-effective solution for your outdoor needs.


Can I install the Playsafer Turf myself? 

Yes, you can. We provide detailed installation guides with each purchase to assist you in the installation process. Whether you're a professional landscaper or a DIY enthusiast, these guides will ensure you can achieve a smooth, professional-looking installation.


Does the Playsafer Turf get hot in summer? 

Our Playsafer Turf is designed to dissipate heat effectively, ensuring it stays cooler than asphalt or concrete surfaces. While it may feel warmer than natural grass in intense heat, it's generally more comfortable and safer to walk or play on during hot summer days.


How does Playsafer Turf impact the value of my property?

Investing in Playsafer Turf can significantly enhance your property's curb appeal due to its lush, evergreen appearance. Additionally, its low maintenance requirements can be a strong selling point for potential buyers or tenants, potentially increasing the overall value of your property.