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Playsafer® Red Rubber Mulch

Pallet Size
  • 12 year color guarantee!
  • It will not blow away or wash away in storms
  • Reduces bug and rodent infestation and does not attract ants
  • Will not decompose or compress
  • Weather-friendly, never freezes
  • Always dry and ready to play almost immediately after even the heaviest rain
  • Rainproof, does not retain moisture, slipperiness or dirt
  • Our Red Rubber Mulch is 99.9% steel free
  • Delivery curbside on a pallet with "easy to handle" 40 pound bags
  • Size of nuggets is a mixture of 1/2"-5/8" rubber granules and chunks

Area of Basic Shapes

Area of a Square or Rectangle:

Formula: Area = Length x Width
Length = 20'
Width = 10'
Area = 10 x 20
Area = 200 sq. ft.

Area of a Right Triangle

Formula: Area = 1/2 (base x height)
Base= 10'
Height = 10"
Area= 1/2 x (10 x 10)
Area = 50 sq. ft.

Area of a Circle:

Formula: Area = π r² (pi x radius squared)
π= 3.141
r = 10'

Area= 3.141 x 10 x 10
Area = 314.1 sq. ft.

Area of an Irregular Shape


Section the irregular area into basic shapes. Calculate the area of each basic shape and add the areas for each together.
Rectangle: 50' by 40'
    Area = 50 x 40 = 2,000 sq.ft.
Circle: radius = 41 '
    Area = 3.14 x 41 x 41 = 5,278 sq.ft.
Triangle A = 20' by 20'
     Area = 1/2 x (39 x 5) = 200 sq.ft.
Triangle B = 10' by 39'
     Area = 1/2 x (39 x 5) = 97.5 sq.ft.
Total Area = 7,575.5 sq.ft.


Ask a Question
  • Will it cool easily on a hot summer day?

    Rubber mulch does not over heat - you may find it to be warmed by the sun but it will not be harmful or uncomfortable.

  • How much area will 1 ton cover at 2 inches deep?

    One ton at 2" covers 450 square feet.

  • is red rubber mulch fire resistant?

    Rubber mulch can only catch fire under direct flame.

  • I have been told it has an odor of tires especially when hot. Is that true?

    Rubber mulch may intitally give off a factory smell that should go within the first few hours of it being layed out.

  • Can I buy a smaller quantity?

    Our smallest quantity is 10 bags, 400 pounds.

  • I currently have red stone and am sick of weeding. How’s your product as far as weeds?

    If you lay out filter fabric underneath your mulch, you can prevent weed growth.

  • is rubber mulch fire retardant?

    Rubber mulch will only burn under direct flame.

  • Does the rubber mulch get hot?

    Rubber mulch heats regularly in the sun, it does not get too hot or uncomfortable.

  • Can this mulch be bought it any smaller quantities. Can I pick it up myself in Wa State?

    Our smallest quantity would be 10 bags. We are located in NJ.

  • Is it used and safe for dogs play are? Does it stop weeds? Insects?

    Definitely safe for dogs. You can lay out our filter fabric before the mulch and that shouls help prevent weed growth. Rubber mulch does not attract intects.

  • How bad is the odor and will it go away eventually?

    There may be an initial factory smell, however it will be gone within a few hours.

  • Is it safe if my pups ate it?

    Yes, nothing will happen. It is completely safe if swallowed.

  • Can I use this mulch in my flower beds?

    Rubber Mulch does very well in landscaping and flower beds.

  • I have an area of 150 sq ft. How much rubber mulch should I buy.

    Hi! If you are spreading this for a playground area, you would need 1,000 lbs for a 3'' depth.
    If you are spreading this for a landscaping area, 400 lbs will get you close to a 2'' depth, or you can always go with 1,000 lbs for a 3'' depth.


  • Is the delivery truck an enclosed van/truck or semitrailer? I live on a dead end road and it will be difficult to get a semi turned around.

    Hi! Sometimes we can get it on a smaller truck, but we don't make any gurantees.
    If you'd like some more info, please email with your delivery address.


  • Will it hurt children if it is put in to there mouths

    Hi! Rubber Mulch should not be harmful in any way to children.

  • Is the rubber mulch non-toxic? I'm thinking of using it for kids swing set area.

    Hi! Rubber mulch isn't known to be toxic or to cause any harm!
    It's the safest surface you can get for a kids play area.

  • How much mulch would be needed for 450 square feet

    Hi! For landscaping 2'' depth, you would need 2,000 lbs to cover 450 square feet.
    For a playground at a 3'' depth, you would need 3,000 lbs.

  • How much cu.ft of mulch would require for 16 feet width x16 feet length square required?

    Hi, for a 3'' depth in that area you would need 77 cu ft / 2,000 lbs.

  • Does the mulch have a noticeable rubber smell? If so, does it go away quickly?

    Rubber Mulch doesn't have any lingering smell.

  • Is this a good option for slopes and hilly yard areas?

    Hi, rubber mulch is a great option for slopes and hilly areas, since its heavy and stays put pretty good.

  • Do you have to remove all your traditional mulch before applying?

    Hi, its always recommended to remove the wood mulch before installing the rubber mulch.

  • Is the mulch wire free? Safe for animals like horses to walk on?

    Hi! Our mulch is 99.9% free, which means there is a 99.9% chance that you won't find any steel or wire in there!
    Its safe for any animal to walk on, and our rubber mulch is widely used for indoor and outdoor horse arenas across the country.

  • How is the pallet unloaded when it is shipped. Do I have to have a forklift to unload it?

    The pallet is offloaded using a lift-gate. You do not need a fork-lift to offload.

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