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Landscape Rubber Mulch


Pallet Size
  • 12 year color guarantee!
  • ASTM F-3012 certified
  • It will not blow away or wash away in storms
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  • 12 year color guarantee!
  • ASTM F-3012 certified
  • It will not blow away or wash away in storms
  • Reduces bug and rodent infestation and does not attract ants
  • Will not decompose or compress
  • Weather-friendly, never freezes
  • Always dry and ready to play almost immediately after even the heaviest rain
  • Rainproof, does not retain moisture, slipperiness or dirt
  • Our Red Rubber Mulch is 99.9% steel free
  • Delivery curbside on a pallet with "easy to handle" 40 pound bags
  • Size of nuggets is a mixture of 1/2"-5/8" rubber granules and chunks

Area of Basic Shapes

Area of a Square or Rectangle:

Formula: Area = Length x Width
Length = 20'
Width = 10'
Area = 10 x 20
Area = 200 sq. ft.

Area of a Right Triangle

Formula: Area = 1/2 (base x height)
Base= 10'
Height = 10"
Area= 1/2 x (10 x 10)
Area = 50 sq. ft.

Area of a Circle:

Formula: Area = π r² (pi x radius squared)
π= 3.141
r = 10'

Area= 3.141 x 10 x 10
Area = 314.1 sq. ft.

Area of an Irregular Shape


Section the irregular area into basic shapes. Calculate the area of each basic shape and add the areas for each together.
Rectangle: 50' by 40'
    Area = 50 x 40 = 2,000 sq.ft.
Circle: radius = 41 '
    Area = 3.14 x 41 x 41 = 5,278 sq.ft.
Triangle A = 20' by 20'
     Area = 1/2 x (39 x 5) = 200 sq.ft.
Triangle B = 10' by 39'
     Area = 1/2 x (39 x 5) = 97.5 sq.ft.
Total Area = 7,575.5 sq.ft.


Ask a Question
  • Can I set up my daughter playground set on it.

    You can place a playset over mulch, or you can put the mulch in an existing play area. Either way is fine.

  • Do I have to put down a plastic or fabric covering before I lay the mulch?

    No, but you may want to use a fiilter fabric.

  • If I order the 2000 lbs of red mulch how long before it is delivered? I live on Jamaica Street in Tiburon, CA. 94920

    Our shipping time right now is about 2-3 weeks out.

  • We want to put this around an above ground pool. It is made of tires what are the chance of puncher due to steel in the mixture?

    Our mulch is 99.99% metal free and is often used for around pools.

  • when using this product do you required weed resistant plastic before applying the mulch?

    You may consider using our filter fabric to prevent weed growth!

  • When does have to be replaced? And when it does it have to be replaced, does the old material have to be removed?

    The mulch should last you a number of years. Most people will top off instead of replacing. If you would like to, you can definitely remove it first.

  • WIll color fade if sprayed with weed killer?

    You should test out a few pieces first. If you would like to spray weed killer you can spray it before laying the mulch down and then add a filter fabric on top of that and then the mulch.

  • Is it used with playground equipment like in a city park?


  • is it petroleum based ?

    Rubber Mulch is made from 100% recycled car tires.

  • Is the product semi fire retardant?

    Rubber Mulch isn't flammable but it is combustible. In fact, wood mulch has a much higher chance of catching fire than rubber mulch.

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