Rubber Mulch for Texas



Many places in Texas require special gardening needs. A lot of the cities and towns feature soil that is too dense for sufficient gardening, because roots have a hard time taking hold and spreading as they should be. As well, each season brings unwanted grass, weeds, and bugs, adding to the sometimes hostile gardening conditions of this sun-drenched state. But thanks to rubber mulch, the soil conditions can be improved without too much trouble. For starters, it can help keep moisture locked in with the plant roots while keeping pests and weeds at bay. 


It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to help improve Texan soil quality. And yes, we deliver to Texas!


Rubber Mulch proudly services and does bulk deliveries to the following Texas cities:


• Dallas     • Houston     • Austin     • San Antonio     • Fort Worth

• El Paso     • Plano     • Cypress     • Denton     • Arington


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Ideal plants (and when to plant them) Plant garlic cloves apart around September 27, with the toes about 3 to 4 inches deep. Growing season (on average) Frost-free growing season starts Mar 26 and ends Nov 11, totaling 230 days