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Rubber Mulch Colors

Thanks to our Rubber Mulch color 12-year guarantee, your landscaping can remain thriving without losing its visual appeal for many years.
Unlike ordinary loose infill which require top-ups, high maintenance, or total replacement every year, Rubber Mulch will be almost like the day you first bought it.
Black (Natural/Unpainted) Playsafer® Rubber Mulch Red Brown Playsafer® Rubber Mulch Cocoa Brown Playsafer® Rubber Mulch
Green Playsafer® Rubber Mulch Blue Playsafer® Rubber Mulch Black Playsafer® Rubber Mulch




Black Rubber Mulch (Natural/Unpainted) - Bold and basic, this default color provides a timeless backdrop to any color, texture, and shape of any plant life and landscaping paraphernalia.


Red Rubber Mulch - Very popular in giving your garden an extra statement . It’s another primary color that is a favorite among kids and parents alike because of its cheery tone. It lends a vibrant energy to any playground or park.  


Cocoa Brown Rubber Mulch - Lends the feel of wood or natural mulch without the hassle.  It mimics the organic brown hues found in nature, and goes quite well with wooden playground and park amenities.


Green Rubber Mulch - Vibrant, looks most like grass, and provides a soothing and calming visual effect. From a distance, any playground set-up will look like it’s sitting on a well-manicured lawn.


Blue Rubber Mulch - Used creatively to give an ocean or seaside effect and look to your garden or playground. Because it is a primary color, it complements most playground equipment hues.


Black Rubber Mulch (Dyed-Solid) - Resembles fertile black soil while giving the benefits of plant protection as only rubber mulch can.


Rubber Mulch Sample Pack - Allows you to sample all the colors available before committing to one or several. Clients also have the option to get custom-colored rubber mulch to suit corporate or personal preferences. When it comes to rubber mulch, the possibilities are colorful and endless.




Area of Basic Shapes

Area of a Square or Rectangle:

Formula: Area = Length x Width
Length = 20'
Width = 10'
Area = 10 x 20
Area = 200 sq. ft.

Area of a Right Triangle

Formula: Area = 1/2 (base x height)
Base= 10'
Height = 10"
Area= 1/2 x (10 x 10)
Area = 50 sq. ft.

Area of a Circle:

Formula: Area = π r² (pi x radius squared)
π= 3.141
r = 10'

Area= 3.141 x 10 x 10
Area = 314.1 sq. ft.

Area of an Irregular Shape


Section the irregular area into basic shapes. Calculate the area of each basic shape and add the areas for each together.
Rectangle: 50' by 40'
    Area = 50 x 40 = 2,000 sq.ft.
Circle: radius = 41 '
    Area = 3.14 x 41 x 41 = 5,278 sq.ft.
Triangle A = 20' by 20'
     Area = 1/2 x (39 x 5) = 200 sq.ft.
Triangle B = 10' by 39'
     Area = 1/2 x (39 x 5) = 97.5 sq.ft.
Total Area = 7,575.5 sq.ft.