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Rubber Mulch for Horse Arenas

April 14, 2016

People who are passionate about riding would understandably want to spend more time on their horses than on a riding arena’s upkeep. Still, it’s important to choose the right materials to maintain an arena in tip-top shape for a long time.

For years now, rubber mulch has become a popular choice as horse footing, thanks to the many benefits it offers. Let’s take a look at some specific ones as described by ranch owners and riding enthusiasts.

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Eco Friendly Gardening

April 11, 2016

Earth Day is drawing near, and celebrating it can be as simple as going outside and caring for your own garden. Rubber Mulch wants to help you get started, so the company created an infographic loaded with practical, doable tips to do so.

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DIY Landscaping

April 05, 2016

We sought the advice of several landscaping experts for some do-it-yourself tips on gardening and landscaping. They gamely answered questions ranging from budget concerns to managing a gardening schedule, through to selecting plants for a warm climate, plus their idea of a definitive “curb appeal” landscaping tip.

The six gardening gurus gave us helpful, carefully thought-out recommendations and threw in some of their personal experiences about managing difficult projects and weird requests. Let these pros guide you as you embark on your own DIY landscaping project.

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Playground Regulations

Playground Regulations

March 23, 2016

From the flashiest international amusement parks to the humblest old-tire-and rope swing sets at home, safety should always come first. Every year, emergency rooms all over the world deal with tens of thousands of playground-related accidents.

This is why regulations addressing playground safety exist. They not only set rules in place - they also significantly contribute to a child and guardian’s well-being and peace of mind. Let’s take a closer look at what else these playground regulations have achieved.

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How Will Rubber Mulch Affect My Weed Growth?

March 10, 2016

One of the best traits of rubber mulch for garden or landscaping use is it can inhibit the growth of weeds. It offers unique anti-weed properties which most organic mulches can’t.

This doesn’t mean that you can give up weeding your garden manually, though. Preparing your yard or garden for colder seasons or new plants necessitates pulling out weeds and disposing of them by hand before applying rubber mulch.

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Rubber Mulch - Creative Backyard Design Using Mulch

March 02, 2016

One of rubber mulch’s lesser known benefits is that it can become a tool for outdoor creativity. It is, after all, made to provide alternative landscaping infill. But because it comes in a myriad of colors, rubber mulch also paves the way (pun intended) for the most beautiful backyard designs you can do on your own! Here are a few ideas you may want to turn into a DIY project in time for the new year.

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Brown rubber mulch

Rubber Mulch Colors - Cocoa Brown

February 29, 2016

Landscaping with rubber mulch not only provides an opportunity to rainproof and bug-proof your yard - it can also help you achieve the natural look of a real garden using the versatility of a rubber mulch color palette.

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Rubber Mulch Colors: Red Rubber Mulch

February 22, 2016

Red is a stop-in-your-tracks color, and if you want your landscaping project to be a head-turner, Red Landscape Rubber Mulch is your best bet. Not only does it offer a visual upgrade for your home’s exterior, it also comes with a lot of benefits for your gardening activities.

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geofabric for playgrounds

Why Use Geofabric When Installing Playground Rubber Mulch?

February 17, 2016

One thing that significantly contributes to the life and function of rubber mulch is the geo-textile fabric layer.  Geofabric is installed on top of the ground separating the rubber mulch from the soil below.  Geofabric is an often overlooked part of the installation process but offers several key benefits that help keep rubber mulch at its peak performance:

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rubber mulch color collage

Rubber Mulch Colors: Black Landscape Rubber Mulch

February 05, 2016

This basic benefits of rubber mulch are somehow best translated into its default color:  Black (Dyed-Solid) Landscape Rubber Mulch. It does its job at providing insulation, protection from pests and weeds, requiring less maintenance compared to organic mulches, and keeping your landscaping neat. At the same time, its no-nonsense tone reminds you that you pitched in to keep landfills from becoming overrun with used and unwanted tires while reaping all the advantages rubber mulch has to offer.

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dollar sign on top of mulch

Why Is Rubber Mulch More Expensive Than Wood Mulch?

January 04, 2016

Beyond the argument on organic versus synthetic pros and cons, different kinds of mulches are pitted against each other for their availability and price tag. It’s true that organic mulches like rocks, grass clippings, bark, and leaves are easier to come by - and most probably free of charge. However, there is a reason why synthetic infill like rubber mulch can cost twice as much as, say, wood mulch. Below are some important arguments supporting this.

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Curb Appeal {Infographic}

December 21, 2015

Just like a makeover using cosmetics and an upgraded wardrobe for yourself, your house can get extra curb appeal with a few simple tools and a bit of elbow grease.

RubberMulch teamed up with RE/MAX of New Jersey to offer expert advice to help you achieve this goal with a handy new infographic. Using easy-to-follow tips and colorful images in a neat layout, you’re sure to learn something new. Whether it’s how to upgrade exterior details like landscaping and fixtures, or knowing what to avoid when showing a potential buyer your home, having the Extra Curb Appeal infographic can earn you extra points in home improvement.


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