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With climate change and inflation on the horizon, being materialistic, wasteful, and acquisitive are traits we don’t want to pass on to our kids. They won’t help them become responsible adults (and the environment will suffer for it in turn). Now more than ever, recycling is an essential habit to develop and practice. Here are some suggestions on how to go about it. Read More

This basic benefits of rubber mulch are somehow best translated into its default color:  Black (Dyed-Solid) Landscape Rubber Mulch. It does its job at providing insulation, protection from pests and weeds, requiring less maintenance compared to organic mulches, and keeping your landscaping neat. At the same time, its no-nonsense tone reminds you that you pitched in to keep landfills from becoming overrun with used and unwanted tires while reaping all the advantages rubber mulch has to offer.

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Quick Gardening Tips {Infographic} Read More

Gardening, like plants and flowers, adjusts to changing seasons, technology, and conditions. When rubber mulch was first introduced to the market, it was expectedly met with doubt and skepticism. Many thought something inorganic had no place in an environment of green, growing things.

 The main purpose and process of rubber mulch is to recycle and re-purpose unwanted and discarded objects. Beyond this huge advantage of using rubber mulch for gardening and landscaping, there are other pros that need to be highlighted, too.


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Are you using rubber mulch for landscaping, for playground infill, or for gardening purposes? The amount of rubber mulch you will need depends greatly on the depth of its intended use. There are standards you can refer to so you can have a rough estimation of how much to get. Read More
Creative minds are able to reuse and recycle all types of items in so many fun & useful ways. Rubber Mulch shares 5 Life Hacks for recycling old tires. Read More

Learn how rubber mulch is manufactured right here in the good 'ol USA! Here you are with a simple 1,2,3 process.

Rubber Mulch has their own in house manufacturing plant and it's quite interesting to see how they go through the manufacturing process.

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