older people taking a walk

Why Rubber Mulch Is Perfect For Elderly People

February 07, 2019

But what about the older folks? Don’t they deserve safety, too? Shouldn’t their special needs be considered when it comes to designing outdoor footpaths, trials, and other places of rest and recreation as well?

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dog running along a path

Is Rubber Mulch Safe For My Dogs?

January 23, 2019

Here at Rubbermulch.com we are constantly asked, "Is rubber mulch safe for dogs?" In short, "Yes," but lets talk about this in depth for a minute.

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beautiful house with well manicured landscape

Synthetic Turf, Drought, and the Modern Lawn

September 14, 2018

With the kind of widespread dry spell and shortage of rainwater we are experiencing, a lawn seems to be a frivolous thing to have right now. Watering with a garden house or having a sprinkler system is wasteful, extravagant, and potentially devastating, given the present situation.

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playground swing with child swinging in background

Now Your Kids Can Play Safer Outdoors

July 26, 2018

We want kids to be kids. Outdoor playtime helps them become healthy, active, and sociable beings. But accidents happen, even in places they are supposed to be safe and should be having fun while playing.

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modern playground with beautiful sky overhead

Why Rubber Mulch Is a Must in Today's Playground

June 19, 2018

Today, we’ve come a long way from potentially-maiming playground conditions to actually recognizing and meeting safety standards. Kids can still be kids without having their freedom to play cut short or taken away altogether. Parents and guardians everywhere can rest assured that the playgrounds won’t harm their little ones.

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Achieving a Summer Garden With Rubber Mulch

May 04, 2018

Spring has sprung, but it isn’t too early to summon the colors of summer using...rubber mulch? Many homeowners and gardening enthusiasts are used to traditional mulching materials like soil, leaves, and rocks. Rubber mulch, however, offers some unique benefits that are guaranteed to result in a sunnier garden.

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How to Winterize Your Garden

October 18, 2017

Your garden doesn’t have to stop being a garden during winter. Homes don’t cease being homes even after a winterizing treatment, after all. You can keep your garden intact and blooming in time for spring, but roll up those sleeves, because it involves work and determination.

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Hurricane Harvey Proves Rubber Mulch is Truly Weather Resistant

September 28, 2017

Hurricane Harvey has come and gone. In its destructive wake are millions of dollars worth of damages in affected areas - including uprooted trees, deroofed houses, submerged plantations, and even entire homes washed off from foundations. It is now considered the third most expensive tropical cyclone in US history. One thing that may not have been as badly affected is rubber mulch.

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Great Gardening Hacks From Pinterest

June 29, 2017

Pinterest is the social media platform that presents inspiration in a visual way. It’s easy to “pin” stuff that catches your fancy and use them as reference later on (while “defining” who you are to your followers). Surprisingly, there are lots of useful and practical info presented in a pegboard manner which you can apply to everyday life - even gardening! Here are a few of our favorites that actually work wonderfully well.

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kids playing in a field of red flowers

How to Get Your Kids to Garden

June 08, 2017

Kids are too clean these days. They prefer to handle plastic and chrome gadgets instead of dirt and mud. They choose to interact with things virtually instead of in real life. It’s a pity because children have a natural curiosity that could lead them to awareness, and consequently, to caring for the environment.

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Topiary Plants and Black Rubber Mulch

March 28, 2017

The most elegant and interesting gardens have shaped bushes and topiaries. They add a touch of whimsy to otherwise ordinary shrubs and plants, and can serve as excellent focal points for outdoor gatherings. Even a small yard can benefit from the unexpected shapes and textures of a topiary.

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The Pros of Bulk Rubber Mulch

March 28, 2017

Rubber mulch can be used for many projects, big or small. Many schools and businesses now recognize the value of bulk rubber mulch. Here are some of the biggest pros of using bulk rubber mulch.

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